Preliminary RSVP

We have a few classmates who have volunteered to help plan our 30th reunion.  The committee has met and looked at a venue that is very casual, and reasonably priced, that would provide a laid back and relaxed atmosphere for us to catch up and reconnect with old friends.  But before we book it, we need to know about how many people plan to attend because there is limited occupancy in this venue and we'd only be able to sell a certain amount of tickets.  In order to know if this space will be big enough, we're asking you to give a preliminary RSVP based on the date that this venue is available.  Please choose one of the options below.

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1)   * We are planning our 30th Reunion for Saturday, October 5 in the evening around 6 pm. Are you planning to attend?

  Yes, I plan to attend the Reunion on Saturday, October 5.
  No, I cannot attend the Reunion on Saturday, October 5.