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11/02/08 09:59 PM #6    

Donald Willis

Great website! I love seeing everybody i haven't seen in 20 years and seeing the great things everyone has accomplished.

11/03/08 12:14 PM #7    

Lisa Cobb (Warren)

Jennie thanks for taking the time to get this going, its cool. We all have busy schedules and its a great way to keep in touch.

11/04/08 10:33 AM #8    

Jeff McCann

Has it really been 20 years since we were all Seniors? It is amazing to think how much time has gone by. It is good to read all of the updates and see how everyone is doing. Thank you, Jennie, for the work on the website. May the Lord bless you all.

11/06/08 12:06 AM #9    

Sean Gilliam

Thanks for the website Jennie. It really is nice to hear and see how people are doing. We were all very lucky to grow up with the classmates we had. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends, the class of '89.

11/07/08 11:27 PM #10    


Jennie Jobe (Matkins)

Thanks again, you guys! I'm glad you like the site. There are still some cool features I'd like to add - if I can figure out how! Take a look at the Missing Classmates page. There are 73 missing out of 209! We've got a lot of work to do! Take care ~~jm

11/11/08 01:21 PM #11    


John "Boo" Ross

Isn't it Great that they fix up the school and put in A/C after we graduated?

11/11/08 11:19 PM #12    

Greg Brown

Hi, jennie this is a wonderful site. It's so good to see all those great people.Wishing all of you the best. Thanks again.

11/18/08 04:09 PM #13    

Derik Abney

I was just thinking about the the water gun fights we used to have in Mrs. Hobbs Math class...(behind her back of course) what a school we went to...

11/19/08 03:12 PM #14    

Missy Myers (Johnson)

Hey!! Thanks Jennie for creating this great website! It's wonderful to hear how everyone is doing. I can't believe it's been 20 yrs. I look forward to the upcoming reunion!! :)

11/23/08 05:06 PM #15    

Pamela Snipes (Williams)

Hi Jennie,
I agree with everyone else. THIS IS GREAT!!!! Look forward to seeing everyone. I can't believe that I was missing. Well, not anymore. LOL

12/04/08 11:38 AM #16    

Sidney (S. T. ) Taylor Johnson II

whoooaahh!! the Nature Boy and the 4 Horesmen look forward to seeing all our classmates! great site and work Jennie, I look forward to seeing all you guys! what's happening everyone, Sidney now living in Asheville, look forward to seeing you guys!!!

12/20/08 10:58 AM #17    

Roderick Parker

Thanks for setting this up!!! You've been able to bing people that haven't seen or spoken to one another for going on 20 years back together.

12/29/08 01:38 PM #18    

Laverne Moore



I hope everyone is having a bless and wonderful year I can't wait to see everybody next year fo 20th reuion. I also like to thank GOD for allowing Jennie to put this together.

01/10/09 08:50 PM #19    

Anne Etheridge (Ward)

Thanks, Jennie, for setting this up!

01/11/09 08:15 PM #20    


Jennie Jobe (Matkins)

Hi Everyone!
We're down to 50 on the 'Missing Classmates' list. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

01/12/09 11:26 PM #21    

Jeannie Lathem (Belcher)

Jennie this is great Lee King let me in on it.

Last I talked to Gloria Miles was in GA and I'm Trying to get the info to her about the site.

Hope to see everyone later

01/16/09 12:28 AM #22    

Pamela Snipes (Williams)

Hi Jennie,

I spoke to Aaronna Patrick(Tinnin) and Nicole Long(Agnello)about the site recently and hopefully they will sign up soon. Both are very busy, but they are not missing :). They are still in the area.

01/20/09 07:15 AM #23    

Laverne Moore

Hi Everybody
how is everybody doing so far this year.I can't wait to see everybody and caught up and to see and hear wanted my classmates are doing. I pray that everybody can make it but you can't we now how away we can get in touch with each other.

01/23/09 10:28 PM #24    

Keith Brannock

Jennie ,you did an outstanding job on this. I'm really looking foward to seeing everybody again. Thanks again for making this possible.

09/27/09 09:43 PM #25    

Renee Brown (Neese)

Great site!! I want to know if anyone has any pictures of the 10th reunion? I would love to have copies. I'm willing to pay or if you want to upload them and send it to my email Even a copy of them on a CD brought to the reunion would be great.
Thanks to anyone who helps,
Renee Neese

Are any teachers invited?

10/02/09 07:41 PM #26    


Jennie Jobe (Matkins)

Renee, I haven't been able to find pictures from our 10-year reunion. We put those disposable cameras on the tables and got all of them developed, but I can't find the packs of pictures. If I come across them, I'll let you know.

And, no, we didn't invite any teachers.

02/21/10 08:08 PM #27    

Renee Brown (Neese)


Thank you so much for posting the pictures from the reunions! They are great! I would love to get a copy of the ones Boris and his wife took, they did a wonderful job.
I just can't say it enough.....Your the greatest!!!!!!
With love,

02/22/10 12:03 PM #28    

Pamela Snipes (Williams)

Hi Jennie, Great job!!! I love the gallery!!! Keep it coming, you have done a wonderful job.

02/27/10 02:17 AM #29    

Pamela May (Lamm)

Hello Jennie, The photos are great!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for doing all you have done all the way back to starting this site.

12/26/11 08:08 AM #30    


John "Boo" Ross

Merry Christmas everyone! OOH-RAH & Happy Freaking New Year! HOOAAH!!!

I is chilling here in Afghanistan on the Pakistan border learning the native tongue (Pashto) and dodging Rockets & Mortars, for some reason the Taliban doesn't like us and they have this thing where they want to kill all of us Infidel's!  YeeeHaaaa, Go Infidel's!!!

  From The Shkin Province of Afghanistank.........Peace Out!cool

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